Amazing Tybee

About five hours north of Orlando and 11 hours south of Pittsburgh lies a small island known as Tybee Island, Georgia. This is a place where families reunite, vows are spoken, unique works of art are created and time somehow stands still. This is where I was lucky enough to spend five days mid-June.

Lately, my life consists of a lot of rushing. Rushing to get out the door in the morning, rushing to beat traffic, rushing for this event and that, rushing to make deadline and sadly enough…even
rushing for bedtime.

I’m not sure how all this rushing came about, but I knew it needed to stop.

I’m not sure if it was Tybee or the people who converged there for my cousin’s wedding. None-the-less, it was refreshing to reconnect and get back to the real me who doesn’t rush through life. (Right: Mia enjoying ice-cream with Nana and Pap)

If you are looking for crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, don’t go to Tybee. If you are looking for posh modern hotels, don’t go to Tybee. New age cuisine? Don’t go to Tybee.

This locale offers a expansive sandy beach, disappearing quickly and reappearing again as the tide washes in and out. You’ll find horseshoe crabs and magnificent shells. The historic lighthouse can be seen from all locations on the island. Restaurants have been there for years and feel more like a cookout than dining out.

Near the pier there are ice-cream shops and pizzerias that could have just opened, or could have opened in 1975. You’d never know. Shops lining the main street have eclectic local art mixed in with touristy toe rings and shell necklaces. This mismatched atmosphere only adds to the character that is Tybee.

Look across the Savannah River and you’ll spot Hilton Head, look out to the ocean and you’ll always see dolphins, look around you… and you should see family and friends leaving the “rush” behind and reconnecting with what’s really important.

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