You Are Where You Eat

I like to eat. Actually, I like to eat a lot. Pending budget, our little clan can usually be found eating at Orlando’s new restaurants within one week of their opening, or frequenting Orlando’s most unique and often overlooked establishments.

Right along with breastfeeding and a colic laden baby, one of my biggest fears while pregnant was that my future culinary experiences would consist of Chick-fil-A and Chuck E Cheese.

In an attempt to save my relationship with food, I decided I would not succumb.

Mia was about three weeks old when we made our way to Numero Uno, my favorite Cuban restaurant. (I know, I didn’t hibernate behind closed doors till the eight week shots. Numero Uno was calling for us, and I was quite sure one little trip couldn’t hurt.) The first year flew by and before I knew it Mia was sucking on edamame with the girls and I at our favorite sushi restaurant.

There were certainly times that our dining experience with a small child was strained, but we suffered through and Mia learned…. Even if that meant me taking her outside, looking her sternly in the eyes and telling her to shape up or ship out. You might question if a two-year-old would “get it.” They do.

So to those future mommy’s who think their dining out life is down the tubes. Fret not. Suck it up. You’ll have some hard times, but in the end your kid will know how to act in a restaurant… what is acceptable and what is not. Stay strong, and you to can create a napkin in the lap, waiter savvy toddler.

And, it turns out Chuck E Cheese isn’t all that bad… Every once in awhile. Compromise, and give your child the best. But, don’t give up who you are and what you love, especially when it comes to
your taste buds!

Mia’s Orlando Hot Spots:

Bento Sushi
Located in the Plaza downtown. Sushi at a reasonable price, wine and beer. Mia enjoys a bowl of steamed green beans, rice and Japanese ice cream for desert. The eclectic atmosphere and rocks that lie below the table tops will keep little ones enthralled.

Numero Uno
If you blink, you’ll miss this hidden gem on Orange Avenue near Michigan. The food is authentic Cuban and delicious! Mia’s favorites include anything mommy or daddy order and share with her including (but not limited to) Ropavieja, chicken, tostones, maduros, black beans and rice.

Metro Espresso
Pizzeria with an edge. Metro Espresso serves up pizza, along with salads and other Italian dishes. Mia dines on thin crust pizza, lemonade and half of mom’s side salad. Outside seating lets you soak in the personality of Thornton Park.

On a final note, don’t forget to vote on Nickelodeon’s Parents Picks website for Orlando’s best local blog. Spirit fingers!!!

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