What To Love Now

Pencils, backpacks and lunch bags for Mia. Bottles, strollers and diapers for Charil. Talk about being in two worlds at once! Here are just a few of my new finds for you to love now. Don’t forget to enter the On The Fly giveaway!

Pee Wee PC

The Pee Wee PC is the computer created just for kids. It is extremely durable (think water resistant keyboard), has a pivoting screen, a built in camera and stylus to use with specific learning programs. Right now Pee Wee PC is offering a 10% discount on purchases of $20 or more. This is perfect for your little scholar.

Company Kids Lunch & Backpacks

In my quest to find a cool backpack for Mia, I came across Company Kids. They offer the perfect size backpack, lunch bag or messenger bag for any little one off to school. Personalization is an option. The Back to School promo runs through September 15 with prices as low as $19.

Samba Sushi Chopsitcks

I highlighted the Combi Sushi Trainer in my last product round-up, but I’ve found another chopstick trainer for little hands that I love – Sushi Samba Kids Chopsticks. Mia loves the bright colors and ease of using these cool sticks. “Big kids” ie. your friend who continues to sacrifice spicy tuna rolls can use them too. A pack of 4 can be snagged for only $10!

We travel a lot and it’s not always easy to heat a baby’s bottle on the go. A big thank you to On The Fly Bottle Warmer for basically taking the anxiety out of bottle feeding while out and about. You simply place your bottle in the BottleSOC and wrap the air activated layer around. In 30 seconds, baby will be sucking down a warm bottle.

On The Fly

The products in this round-up are cool and functional! Not many products (or people for that matter) can claim this.  If you try any of these products out, let us know what you think. Oh, and enter below to win an On The Fly Bottle Warmer. I have a starter kit to giveaway!

On The Fly Giveaway!!! 

Leave a comment below letting me know your current strategy for heating a bottle while on the go and you could be the proud owner of an On The Fly starter kit. Giveaway closes on Thursday, September 8.

 Earn Extra Entries:

I’m again on the prowl so stay tuned for my next round-up.

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8 Responses to What To Love Now

  1. lisa

    If we are out to a restaurant, ask for a bowl of hot water; they look at you funny, but oh well! : )

  2. lisa

    Follow via Twitter MONKEYMOM8105

  3. April

    We always ask for hot water, whereever we’re at. It’s hard though with twins because, you have to either ask for 2 glasses, or ask for a refill on the one!

  4. Lisa H.

    on road trips, we would just stop at a gas station and get a large styrofoam coffee cup (they usually charge like $0.10 to $0.25 just for the empty cup) and fill it up with hot water from the tea/coffee machine. Once we got the first cup we held onto it for the rest of the trip and just refilled when needed 😉

  5. Roxie A.

    Starbucks drive-thru is my personal savior lol! I get a venti hot water half filled to warm an already made bottle. Now that my daughter drinks just milk, I get warm milk in the drive-thru!!


  6. susan smoaks

    i stop and use a microwave at a convenience store to heat a bottle when on the road

  7. @Kid Computers

    I love the laptop!

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