What Is Mommy Guilt?

A friend of mine recently moved away to Miami for three months after being accepted into an advertising career advancement program. You go girl! What does this have to do with my mommy blog? Well, she was working on a special project about “mommy guilt,” and wanted my take on the following video clip:


It got me to thinking… first and foremost, what is wrong with the woman in the video, but more about if women really do feel the extreme way this woman feels. In the beginning she makes some sense by talking about why she feels guilty, but then suddenly transitions into what seems like an angry rant about what annoys her about being a mom. Border line schizophrenic? Being a mom is hard stuff. I can’t lie about that. It’s A LOT harder if you think you are going to be perfect. Pick your battles, let some stuff go and have fun. As cliche as it sounds, someday you really are going to miss this. And, if you are not happy, your kiddos won’t be happy. So, take some time to have brunch with the girls, take that weekend trip you’ve been meaning to take, or simply go to that yoga class that has been on your to do list. Everyone will be much happier all around.

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