Water Saftey Reality Check

While I know my posts are mostly upbeat and fun, it’s every once in awhile when I’m forced to pass along a more serious message.

Thanks to the awesome program with Sharks and Minnows, Mia was swimming like a fish at age two. Regardless of her kick butt swimming skills, I would never think of allowing her to swim alone in our pool. I’m always on guard. When Mia takes a shower or bath, I am usually in and out of the bathroom, but no longer station myself tub side.

This past weekend opened my eyes to something that I may have forgotten… the danger of water for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

After waking up early, driving to Miami, pool time and beach time, Mia was ready to take a shower in our hotel room. After about ten minutes showering, I had a strange feeling and decided to go in and check on Mia. What I found has consumed my mind and sleep for two days. Mia had stopped the drain with the shower on and had fallen asleep lying in the tub… A tub where the water was about a centimeter from covering her face.

With summer approaching, I think it’s a great time to remind ourselves of the dangers of drowning… In a large pool or in a teaspoon of water. Be especially aware when your kids are tired out in the pool or tub. Even the best swimmers young and old are at risk.

Check out Red Cross Summer Water Safety information to refresh for summer!

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  1. Jen

    OMG – I am so FREAKED out by this. I have tears!!! I can’t imagine how freaked out you were!

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