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Over the past week, I’ve mentioned to several people that I will be shipping my youngin off to Pennsylvania for one week this summer to stay with my parents. (Of course I’m not shipping her off on her own. She’ll be traveling with Nana, and quite safe I’m sure.)

I’ve received some mixed reviews…

“Is this the first time you are leaving her for that long?”

“Wow, you must really trust your parents.”

I left my daughter for one week when she was 9 months old. I jetted off to Hawaii with my lovey for the Pro-Bowl and a week of island exploration. My father flew to Florida, picked up little Mia and flew her back to Pennsylvania for that week.

The day I dropped Mia and my dad off at the airport, I had a panicked moment when I wanted to run after my dad and all together cancel my trip. But, the logical side of my brain stepped in and said, “This isn’t the first time you are going to be away from her, and the longer you wait to create some separation, the harder it is going to be.” Off she went, my tiny baby… on a huge plane to Pittsburgh without me.

While in Hawaii we gushed over quite a few babies and missed little Mia a lot. However, we did manage to get along without her that week. Tropical drinks, catamaran boat trips, snorkeling and just relaxing.

So… yes, I have left Mia before. (Although, for a three-year-old she has traveled quite a bit with us as well.) And yes, I do trust my parents. I mean, I turned out okay… sort of.

I grew up in an amazing little town in Pennsylvania that has managed to maintain a “small town USA” atmosphere to the 100th degree. I want my daughter to experience some of the things I was able to experience growing up. I want her to know my parents and the people who made me who I am, and most of all to learn to love that small town in Pennsylvania the way I do.

Perfect timing Dr. Gupta! Just saw a new post from Dr. Gupta about a mom’s separation anxiety. Check it out.

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