Three-Year-Old Fashion Police


These are the words that chime out as I pull comfy shorts and matching t-shirt out of Mia’s drawer. It’s Mom vs. Mia every morning, and it usually does not end well. As a child, I despised wearing puffy frilly dresses and bonnets. I would cry every Sunday before church dreading the frill that awaited me. It itched, it tugged and it made me claustrophobic.

I’m coming to find out Mia has a very different opinion from mine as a child…

Most days, Mia arrives home covered in dirt from head to toe. I learned the hard way that preschool, my friends, is not the place for top fashion. In her first week I saw the massacre of some pretty cute and pricey outfits.

When I arrive early to pick Mia up at school, I sit and watch inconspicuously to see just how she interacts with her preschool peeps.What I notice when I’m in mommy spy mode is that while the little girls are typically sitting at the picnic table coloring or huddled in one of the play houses, Mia is swinging nearly upside down from one of the jungle gyms taunting the kids to “come catch me.”

I’ve invested in cotton “play” dresses that are super cute and totally ruinable. There’s no interest in the “play” dresses, but only in the white, white, white organza dress she received as a bday gift. It hangs like a shrine in the closet.

This all leads me up to the dilemma…. Why do you want to wear the beautiful dress?

Doesn’t fashion war begin in the tween years? I want Mia to express her “creative” spirit and hate to hinder her exploration of fashion. We can play dress up and I’m not opposed to the big fluffy dresses… just not to school! The war must end.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where Mia critiques my wardrobe and advises I participate in a makeover reality show. Oh, and very happy to have finally used that tween word.

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