The Moment Is Here….

I’m sharing some belly pics!!! Yes, due to multiple requests, I’m putting it all out there. With Mia, I didn’t embrace my growing belly in photos. Instead I spent my time agonizing, wondering how quickly I would be able to lose the weight I had gained. I’ve decided this time around (aka the last time around) I’m going to live it up grand finale style. This photo was taken on August 16… two weeks ago. I was exactly 25.5 weeks (for those of you who like to think in weeks). I have a little over two months left to go now!

In between moving, work, and keeping up with Mia, I’ve barely had a second to realize I truly am doing this all over again. Not until I ended up in the hospital last week did reality set in. Having contractions at 27.5 weeks while signing a pile of paperwork at the hospital will do that to you. All is well for now. I’m hoping this baby will stay put at least until I can figure out how to put the crib together…

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

25.5 weeks and counting (aka around 6 months)

Flashing some skin!

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Posted on by Amanda in Parenting, Prego 5 Comments

5 Responses to The Moment Is Here….

  1. Lori

    You are stunning! What an adorable little belly. Is Mia excited or what?

  2. Janel

    You = Cutie Skinny Minnie! Get some rest and enjoy the ride 🙂

  3. Abbey

    You look wonderful! I’m happy to see you’ve grown a bit in the last month 🙂

  4. Amanda

    Thanks girls! Now…. Off to conquer this nursery decor. IKEA here I come!

  5. AnthonyC

    Wow. Pregnancy looks really good on you.
    hope you are feeling well.

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