The Gully Fairy Comes To Orlando

I notice I might just be failing as a blogger in the blogosphere…. that is if your blog is gauged on comments. I am always provided with verbal comments. That’s better than electronic, right? Hmmm…

Anyway, Mia celebrated her third bday this weekend. We rocked out with a toddler dance party at a fabulous Orlando venue Vibe Performing Arts. Along with this milestone bday, came the departure of the pacifier aka the gully.

The Gully Fairy came like a thief in the night Saturday night to take the gully from Mia and deliver it to a new baby in need of a gully. When my “big girl” awoke on Sunday morning, she found a beautiful gift left by the Gully Fairy in exchange for our “life support.”

The novelty of the Gully Fairy’s gift, a Disney princess bracelet, wore off quickly and the amazing fairy we had been chatting about for the past month turned into a figure of evil instead of a Tinkerbell like being.

Sunday was a hard day of withdraws for gully. Mia insisted she was still a baby and needed to have the gully. Sunday night was a late night. And then, the most amazing thing happened. Monday rolled around and the gully was mentioned no more. Mia napped at school with no problem and climbed right into bed Monday night with ease.

I had been dreading the Gully fairy for months and after one day, it was over? How could it be that easy? Regardless, I am happy and my daughter won’t be in kindergarten sucking on a gully.

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