Take It To The Can

Long before I ever had a child, I watched in wonder as a child (who I will keep anonymous) unwrapped a piece of candy and handed the wrapper to their mother (who I will keep anonymous.) I was amazed to see the mom, in a zombie like state, walk to the garbage can and throw the wrapper away.

It seemed to me that something was very wrong. Why couldn’t this perfectly healthy child walk their little behind over to the garbage and toss the trash?

I’m a mom now, in case you didn’t know already. My daughter takes her garbage to the garbage can. She’s three and she has been taking her trash to the can for the past year. She also takes her plate to the sink when she’s done with dinner, and puts her underwear away after I do the laundry.

Some might think she’s a little Cinderella trapped with the wicked step-mom, but that’s far from our situation. Mia loves to help out and do things on her own. These little tasks make her feel useful and “grown up.”

I know it’s our motherly instinct to just naturally do for our children, but next time your kid hands you their garbage tell them to take it to the can! Create a self-sufficient human. Look around, I think you’ll agree this world needs more of them.

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