Soar With Reading This Summer

Reading has been a huge focus in my house this summer. After a school year of hard work, I couldn’t risk back tracking on my kindergartners fast track to reading stardom.

Soar With Reading!

Luckily there are several great summer reading programs out there. One in particular is  the national initiative from JetBlue and PBS KIDStaking place again this summer, designed to help place books in the hands of kids in need and keep kids reading all summer long.

Hurry now and go to the Soar With Reading site (or click straight through on the image to the right) and share your favorite childhood book. With every share, JetBlue will donate a book to a child in need in grant cities. (Orlando is included in this group!) On the site parents can also find tips and downloadable activities to keep kids inspired to read all summer long.

Click here to learn more about the program

We missed out on the fun event held at our local library in Orlando because we were on vacation last week. But there are two more summer events taking place in L.A. and New York. Find out more details!  

Win! Win!Leave a comment below letting me know what you are doing to keep reading alive this summer for a chance to win a JetBlue travel backpack filled with summer reading materials.

I’ll select a winner on Friday, August 3 so get commenting. You can get an extra entry by tweeting about the giveaway and letting me know in a separate comment below.

Happy Reading!

 Disclaimer: JetBlue provided  me with reading materials for my daughter and a reading inspired backpack  to giveaway to a lucky reader.  Mamma Mia fully supports the Soar With Reading  initiative. 

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36 Responses to Soar With Reading This Summer

  1. Jessica

    We went to the “Soar With Reading” event at our local library and it was great. VERY busy, but that just means parents and kids are excited to continue reading this summer! 🙂

    My son and I visit the library weekly and stock up on new (and favorite) books. He has a strong passion for reading at age 4 and I will drop anything to help him explore a book. Not a bad hobby! 🙂

  2. Abbey

    We have been continuing our nightly reading ritual with our son despite the busier summer schedule. I also have began turning off the tv at night and winding down before sleep with a book instead.

  3. Ann Fantom

    I take my daughter to the library story time every week and we bring a few books home with us to read at bed time

  4. Tabathia

    I am a big reader and so are my kids so I don’t have to keep them motivated but I do put them in the summer reading program

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  5. Tabathia
  6. jeanine feldkamp

    we are doing the summer reading programs at 2 different libraries. we mix it up with read alone time, read aloud time and audio books.

  7. Amber

    I kept reading alive this summer by signing the kids up for the local library’s summer reading program and we read together every night!

  8. Janalyn

    We read stories every night and go to the library weekly.

  9. stephanie gregory

    I take my kids to the library regularly!

  10. Wendy

    I’m lucky in that my kids love reading! We visit the local thrift shop often to get new reading material.

  11. Lentil

    We read a lot, all year round. Always at bedtime, often “just because” during the day. We visit the library frequently so that we often have new books in rotation.

  12. Michelle L.

    This summer we are visiting our library frequently, and I turn the subtitles on and mute the sound whenever my kids want to watch TV!

  13. Annette D

    Instilling the love of reading is so important! We read every night and my boys love books!

  14. elven johnson

    I enter into every book giveaway I can find & if I win I give those books to my local library after I read them.

  15. Jessica T.

    My son is in a reading program at his summer camp and I am having him read to me aloud at home! He gets to select the books he likes though.

  16. Melissa B.

    We’ve been downloading books to our Kindle to make it more convenient to read.

  17. Marcia Goss

    My husband and granddaughter make a weekly trip to the library together. They are both avid readers.

  18. Marcia Goss
  19. kathleen walker

    we love to read

  20. Ed Nemmers

    We visit the library at least twice each week!

  21. Jill L

    We do a 1/2 hour reading hour every day and in the evening, my husband reads to all the kids.

  22. Pauline M

    For my son, I find the books with the weirdest titles and reading takes care of itself!

  23. Theresa H

    we went to the library often and I am trying to help my nephew catch up to his grade level by finding books that capture his attention.

  24. Gianna

    My kids are always adding books to my wishlist so i’m always buying all year long.

  25. kathy dunaway

    We go to the library and the kids pick out what they like.They really look forward to picking out new books

  26. Ruth M

    My daughter and I pick out a book each month that we want to read!

  27. Ericka

    My kids and have reading time before bed, that’s how we keep reading alive. thanks for the awesome chance!
    ericka082 at gmail dot com

  28. Jammie

    With being homeschoolers this would be perfect for my daughter. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  29. susan smoaks

    to keep reading we read every night before bed and go to the library on the weekends to pick out more books

  30. Amy DeLong

    try to read daily with my sons!

  31. Beverly Metcalf

    We love reading and go to the library at least once a week. Thanks!

  32. Jessica Hays

    We make a special trip to the library and then get ice cream cones! We also joined the summer reading program!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  33. Donna K

    My kids read for AR for school and to enter contests in the summer.

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