My Little Germ

Never could I have imagined in my wildest dreams that a child could be sick as often as my child is sick. I’ve insisted to my doctor that her immune system must have some kind of deficiency, but his simple answer was that she is in preschool and kids are germ magnets.

My child eats healthy, washes her hands constantly, takes vitamins, sleeps well and still she is infected with every germ that comes within a yard of her. (I don’t know for sure about the yard thing, but I’m quite sure I’m right.) I have to admit her sick day count skyrocketed when she started preschool in August, but it wasn’t like she was in a bubble for the first two years of life. I couldn’t sit in the house, so we were on constant playdates and involved in every baby group under the sun. Germs galore! But, apparently not enough of them.

Once again, I’m confused and bewildered… story of my life. Luckily my job is flexible and I can work remotely when need be, but the point is really not missing work, it’s the fact that I need my daughter to be healthy. In my medical quests for knowledge, I typically go to my man Dr. Gupta, but I can’t find a dang post on children’s immune systems. I will defer now to another site with a cut and dry article on toddler’s immune systems at Kids and Nutrition. However, I am writing Dr. Gupta to see if he can provide some guidance, and also adding his blog to Mamma Reads.

Can you, my avid reader, provide some insight? Comment… comment… comment…

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