Mother’s Day Pinterest Public Service Announcement

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all my moms out there! Second, I have been pondering over a certain topic for a few weeks now and decided Mother’s Day would be a great time to clear the air.

While I love, love Pinterest and all it offers me, I am 100 percent sure Pinterest has created a new breed of craft Screen shot 2013-05-12 at 10.56.52 AMobsessed moms. As if we don’t already have enough pressure, we are now sort of expected to produce that over the top valentine with a quirky message tag or the ultimate handmade whimsical teacher’s gift.

In all honesty, I am being a bit sarcastic in this post as I do love Pinterest. I’m an organizational freak so Pinterest is my paradise. It also allows me to be crafty, which by default I am not. But, I really do think Pinterest has created a new kind of standard for us moms. Who knows if the fad will pass or we will continue to keep doing things bigger and better until we drop.

I have seen the transformation in myself over the past year from Mia’s Movie Night (see exhibit A in previous post) to the valentines the girls sent out this year to classmates. ie. Rock candy with cute message “You Rock Valentine!”

No real answer here… Just a Mamma Mia Public Service Announcement for your Mother’s Day brain.

Happy Mother’s Day! And, take the day off from pinning. Oh, and when you get back on Pinterest tomorrow, follow me


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