Life Unrehearsed

My brain is foggy this week. The brain fog is partially from falling down a very steep and slippery set of tile stairs, but mostly because it’s clogged up with a lot of memories that had been suppressed for some time.

This weekend, I watched my long time friend marry her childhood sweetheart in Siesta Key, FL. Good stuff. It was the most amazing and non-stressful wedding I’ve ever attended or even heard of.

At some point over the weekend, the bride to be said to me, “Why am I rehearsing this moment? I don’t want to rehearse it, I want it to be real.” With that, the rehearsal was cancelled. We even had a non-rehearsal dinner.

All in all, it was a beautiful weekend spent with family and friends. My daughter once again amazes me at her ability to adapt to any situation. Sometimes I wish she “needed” me a little more. Mia was born with no fear and no inhibitions. (That topic will be a blog in itself.)

Over an intimate three days in beautiful Siesta Key, I learned a few things…

1. The best things in life are unrehearsed
2. I have the greatest friends in the world
3. Mia is… the next American Idol
4. Tile stairs = bad news after a fresh rain

Thank you for an amazing weekend of love and fun!

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News Alert: If you are in town this weekend, check out the new Mr. Potato Head exhibit at the Orlando Science Center! Exhibit starts on Saturday.

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