Grapfruit For Breakfast

I was in the break room at my office the other morning cutting my daily grapefruit in half when a colleague asked, “You’re going to put sugar on that, right?” I shook my head no and received a sour face.

As I sat down in my office, I began the process of cutting the non- cooperative segments of the fruit. I was confronted by another passerby, “Grapefruit is so bitter. How can you eat that! They really are a pain to prepare.”

After two grapefruit comments I stopped for a second and thought… They are right. Why do I eat grapefruit everyday? I put forth the effort each morning to transport my grapefruit from home, carefully slice the grapefruit, store the remaining half and then cut each individual segment for consumption. To top it off, I’m not even really a fan of the taste and am usually hungry afterwards. Sure it’s good for you, but so is broccoli and I don’t eat that for breakfast everyday.

As far back as I can remember, my dad was always up and at em’ packing lunches and preparing breakfast each morning with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. (No, literally, the man was singing zippity do da and meaning it.) Stumbling from my bed, usually laden with some end of the world high school drama, I was presented with a freshly prepared grapefruit along with cereal. Each morning, I ate the grapefruit. I was never overwhelmed by the taste, but enjoyed what my dad had taken the time to prepare for me.

I think I realized back then what a great dad I had been blessed with, but now as a parent myself I realize it even more. He made it his mission to be up at the crack of dawn to spend quality time with his family before he left for work. He prepared breakfast, and gave a valiant attempt at learning more about his brood… albeit the worst time to converse with teenagers, but all the same…

So why do I eat my grapefruit every morning? Because it’s a part of what made me who I am today. Because it reminds me of an amazing person I call my father. I’ll continue to eat my bitter, hard to cut grapefruit everyday with sheer pride and happiness. Thank you to my colleagues who felt compelled to reveal my true grapefruit subconscious.

Why will your kids eat “grapefruit”? That’s deep, right?

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