Do I Make You Sad, Really?

My daughter has adopted some very creative language as of late. I guess she has always had creative language… speaking in full sentences soon after turning a year old. But, this is different. I must first preface this entry by saying, my daughter has a lot of very nice things to say most of the time, but has somehow picked up some nifty new phrases from somewhere.. ahem… preschool.

These new phrases have caught me off guard and have quite frankly, scared me just a bit.

These phrases come in the form of “You are not my friend!”, “I want you to leave”, “You make me sad” and the best yet “I’m gonna get rid of you.”

Rid of me? Has my child been watching mafia movies on the sly? Sad, I don’t want to make her sad. I know, I know, you can’t be “friends” with your child or you will be in trouble… and most likely appear on a reality show with each other somewhere down the road. These phrases send me into a nostalgic mode missing my little infant who couldn’t express anger in words.

Bottom line, it hurts to hear these things. I guess it especially hurts a first time mom, being caught off guard by the barrage of defensive phrases coming from my sweet little girl’s mouth . If only she could understand I am only trying to help her…

Wait a second, this is sounding familiar… could it be that my mother once tried to explain this to me as I was teasing my hair, chewing bubble yum and wondering why she hated me.

Argh… I have no answers. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a journey to find balance in yet another aspect of my life.

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