Invaluable Jewels

I’ve had a lot of great post ideas on my mind and can’t seem to find the time or creativity to sit down and actually elaborate on any of them. Most of the post ideas stem from comments made by Mia over the past month. “Does Santa live with God,” a clear misunderstanding…  “Is there a fat show for kids,” the pressures of body issues are alive and well even in the world of four-year-olds.

Jewelry Box

So today, while my juices are still non-existent, I decided to post a photo of one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Why did I receive this gift? Well simply put by my little Mia, “I did this because I love you.” A box of jewelry for me… hand cut and selected by my future jeweler.

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  1. SuZ


  2. Heather Reneau

    Love this! She’s so creative and clever!

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