Here Comes Legoland October 15, 2011!

After returning from a work trip to Atlanta, I found a box on my door step. Mia tore open the box (as she does with all boxes we ever receive) to discover a “box of fun” from LEGOLAND. Because they park is under construction,the folks over there decided to bring the familiarization trip to Mia and I in a box… complete with cozy blanket and snacks for watching the DVD that gave us an in depth look at the new park. We saw construction and learned about features for the new park, located in Winter Haven (about 45 minutes outside of Orlando and also 45 minutes outside of Tampa.)

General Manager Adrian Jones

Score, score for LEGOLAND!  My busy schedule would not have allowed me to get over there at the moment, but I’ve been chomping at the bit to get info on the opening and details about the park.

I get a lot of press releases and updates on new happenings in Central Florida and beyond. Legoland has been of interest to me (and Mia) since the first whispers of the plans a few years back. Seeing it come to fruition is amazing and exciting.

Details You Should Know:

  • LEGOLAND Florida is a 150-acre, full-day family theme park designed specifically for families with children ages 2 to 12. It’s the largest LEGOLAND Park in the world! The park features more than 50 family rides, shows and interactive attractions, restaurants, shopping and botanical gardens.
  • Guests can explore 10 themed zones (so prepare for a full day of fun). Everything from medieval castles to a complete

    Dragon Coaster

    mini land.. picture NYC made of Legos. Click here for the full download on each themed area.

  • LEGOLAND opens October 15, but if you buy your tickets before now, you can get $10 off standard ticket prices. Right now prices are – $65 for adults 12 and over and $55 for children between 3-12… under 3 is free. Buy your tickets by clicking here.
  • I’m always a fan of the annual pass! Savings and options for a full year. Annual passes for FL residents are $159 for adults and $129 for kids to cover admission, parking and food discounts… General annual pass is $129 for adults and $99 for children. (These prices don’t include tax)
  • This is important! LEGOLAND Florida has taken great care to preserve the soul of the park – the historic gardens established on the grounds of its Cypress Gardens predecessor more than 75 years ago. The setting has been restored to its pristine condition, and the collection of native plants, including azaleas and camellias, have been reclaimed and combined with a range of exotic species to create a horticultural masterpiece.

See you in October!!!

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  1. Monica Bertone

    We used to live in the next town over from where they built LegoLand. We moved this past year, so we had already heard that was going in there. We are super excited to come back next spring to visit and have LegoLand to go to… as my son is obsessed with Lego’s! We can’t wait to see it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the details about it.

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