Go To Your Happy Place

I’m not sure if my first statement will discredit my blog in anyway, but hey… what can I do. I am proud to say one of my all-time favorite movies is Happy Gilmore. (Yes, the corny Adam Sandler movie.) “Go to your happy place!”

I thought I knew my “happy places.” I was wrong. An urgent re-evaluation is in order! Life has become so hectic and busy. It has become hard to identify an atmosphere were I feel most relaxed. Yes, I know… floating on a raft in a pool with adult bev in hand. That’s definitely one of them. But, really,where is your “happy place”?

With a long “life” to do list and work on my mind, I woke on Memorial Day with a lump in my throat and a very tight chest.

How could I get out of this funk…

Off we went to feed the swans. Ahhh… Euphoria. Tiny goslings swimming by… mommy and daddy handing over tiny pieces of lettuce to their young. Then, swan attack!!!! Apparently we ventured close to the nest. The dad swan was about to lay down the law. Whatever anxiety was starting to diminish came flooding back.

Next stop, Urban Think, the independent book store on Central Blvd. As we entered the store I felt my anxiety start to float away. By the time Mia and I were sitting with tea and gelato discussing the stores unique string of light fixtures, my anxiety was all but gone.

We watched an independent artist stack the shelves with her most recent work, observed people shuffle in and out asking questions about and ordering all types of teas, we listened to the Coffee House music playing on the the store’s Sirius and then cuddled in a big comfy chair in the kids section and read the best of the best children’s books. I even broke down and wore the Horton ears for a self portrait! (Don’t we look happy?)

Although I’d been in this store many times, I never realized it was my “happy place.” The stresses and rush of everyday life leaves many of us not knowing what calms us or what might be the natural remedy for a tight chest. Stop for a second and savor the moment. You’ll be surprised to find out just where your “happy place” might be and how easy and affordable it is to get there.

Although I’d like to keep my “happy place” to myself, I guess I can share the wealth… Click through to the Urban Think website for a complete list of events and store hours. Your well-being will thank you.

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