Field Trips For All! Win A Sony Camera

Field trips are a great way for kids to gain memorable, hands on learning experiences outside of the classroom. It’s disappointing to see school budgets being cut, and field trips slowly just going away.

In support of a new program, Field Trips For All, Lunchables will be hosting  free-admission to the Orlando Science Center for the first 1,000 people this Saturday, May 1.  The campaign aims to help 50 deserving classrooms across the country go on educational and inspiring field trip adventures.

Nominate a classroom! Anyone can nominate a 1st – 8th grade classroom to win a field trip through June 1 on the Lunchables website.

To capture those “oh so special field trip moments,” the folks at Lunchables have provided The Mamma Mia Blog with a Sony DSC-W220 Digital Camera with 12.1 Mega Pixel, 4x optical zoom and rechargeable battery to giveaway. I’ll announce the winner Friday afternoon (April 30)…. So hurry up and enter!

How to Enter:
Post a comment about a field trip memory from your youth. I’ll start because I just can’t help myself.
Bonus Entries:
Follow @mammamiafl on Twitter and post a comment saying so.
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Fine print: Contest valid for U.S. residents only

Mia discovering dinosaur bones at the Orlando Science Center

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272 Responses to Field Trips For All! Win A Sony Camera

  1. Amanda

    My favorite field trip memory was a trip to the Carnegie Science Center… Maybe 4th grade. Oh, and there was the trip to the Pittsburgh Aviary…. I could go on, and on. Too bad I can’t win the camera! Go for it readers!

  2. Chrissy Allen

    Favorite field trip was to 6 mile cypress in Ft. Myers. I think it was 7th grade science and we walked thru Cypress Swamps in jeans and tennis shoes …scary but super fun!

  3. Christy

    We used to go on field trips ALL the time, but my fondest field trip memories were in 5th grade a trip to Kennedy Space Center and about 8th grade a trip to Six Flags Georgia. The best thing about private school was the great trips we used to go on.

  4. Danielle Caruso

    I remember a field trip I took to St. Augustine. It must have been the first trip I took with my own camera because I must have a whole photo album filled of pictures from just this one day trip. Brings back very good memories!!

  5. Jenny

    I remember going to the zoo when I was little. We’d take our bus to the park, pull out our brown bag lunches and juice boxes and play play play until it was time to go through the zoo. The St. Louis Zoo is awesome so we’d ride the train and go through the Children’s Zoo and pet the Koala Bears, snakes, hedgehogs, etc. It was great!!

  6. SuZ

    OOoohhhh!!! I sooo need this, my camera just crapped out on me!!

    My fave field trip was to Epcot. My dad came with me and we spent the whole day together. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. SuZ

    And you know I follow you on Twitter!

  8. Adrienne Gordon

    Mine is getting to go to the metroparks zoo and getting a behind the scenes tour.

  9. Claire

    My favorite field trip was our eighth grade trip to San Francisco. That was a long way from Tampa, Florida! I’m still not sure how our chaperons managed us. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and all of the other great sites, but our celebrity sighting was the best memory–Woody Harrelson!

    On another note, I still love Lunchables, especially the pizza kit.

  10. Carol

    We went to the Planetarium in NYC, and I always remember the dark room with the starry sky. Lots of fun!

  11. Carol

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  12. Amanda D

    I used to LOVE field trips (even the ones to the roller skating rink) – That was the best part of the school year! I remember going on one in middle school, which was truly rare, and we went to the famously pink Don CeSar Beach Resort in St. Petersburg. I have such great memories of the trip – We got to see behind-the-scenes in their kitchen with a tour from the chefs themselves, hear all of the legends and lore about ghosts roaming the resort’s halls (and pretend we’d all seen one), and had an overall great time learning about the management of such a large place. Did you know that the color of the Don CeSar is trademarked? I do now 🙂 The trip will be imprinted forever!

  13. Amberlayne Sealy

    remember how the teachers would hold the upcoming field trip over our heads to behave?

  14. Becky

    Mine was learning about our local estuary by exploring Charlotte Harbor on a pontoon boat. We saw dolphins and caught jellyfish.

  15. Allison Howard

    The best field trip I went on was the 7th grade trip to New York City! I can not imagine being one of the teachers who had to go with a bunch of homonal pre-teens and keep track of them all in the Big Apple. I remember seeing all the fake purses and watches being sold. I went to China town and bought the cutest trinkets there! It was a fond memory, but kudos to the teachers who went with us!

  16. Abbey

    Favorite field trip from elementary school would be Meadowcroft Village. I remember the zoo from high school.

  17. Abbey

    And I totally forgot when we went to the Baltimore aquarium in 4th grade. That was the most fun. Mom was one of the chaperones and we went on a paddle boat together in the inner harbor.

  18. Amanda

    How could I have forgot the Baltimore Aquarium! That was an awesome trip.

  19. Lori

    My favorite field trip was to the Sunken Forest, Fire Island, Long Island, NY. I think it was 6th grade and we had to take a ferry there

  20. Lisa

    My favorite field trip was in 8th grade, it was an overnight and we went to Atlanta and visited the King Center, Atlanta’s Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site; the Atlanta Underground and Stone Mountain! Best Field Trip EVER, hands down.

  21. Andrea

    I loved my school, because we always went on field trips. I have so many memories of our class going on a field trips. The one memory that sticks out the most was in the 4th grade we went to The Egg Performing Arts Theater in Albany. We saw Peter Pan live and I was mesmerized by the show. I remember siting in my seat in anticipation of what was going to happen next and how they were bringing the store a live in front of me. I talked about it for weeks after and never forgot it.

  22. Kathy Scott

    In 5th grade we were hiking in the Idaho mountains when there was a severe thunderstorm. Major scary.

  23. Kathy Scott

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  24. shannon Baas

    When I was in 6th grade we went to the shine circus. It was a lot of fun except for the bus breakig down.

  25. Lisa G

    I don’t remember going on many field trips when I was young,the only one that I can remember was to a ‘PET'” milk company to see how milk was put into cartons lol.Ah,those were the days,no cameras for me back then,I just had to rely on my memories.

  26. Paula Hafner

    When I was a kid, I lived near Orlando, Fl. We used to go on some great Field Trips. Once we went to Gator Land. They had all kinds on alligators, snakes and crocodiles. Mom gave me a huge lecture on not climbing up on fences or sticking any body parts through any fences. They had this huge old gator there. We got to pet some baby gators in the nursery area. I even held a snake. Mom wasn’t too happy about that 🙂

  27. Paula Hafner

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  28. Kristy

    I loved the zoo. A boy bought a straw hat in the gift shop and it blew in with the polar bears. He tried to climb the fence to go and get it. The boy was stopped and the bears had a great time with the hat.

  29. Kristen

    My most memorable field trip is from 6th grade. I was living in Florida and we went to Lithia Springs. It’s a natural hot water spring with a nature trail and conservatory. It was amazing! I hope to one day go back with my children. We were able to swim with the fish in the spring, go on hikes and do archery, and got to meet all kinds of Florida wildlife!

  30. Kristen

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  31. Kristen
  32. Jill L

    I must have been in 1st grade and they told us we were going over to a teacher’s house. I forget what they said we were going to do. Well it was April Fool’s Day and as we were getting on the bus, they surprised us by letting us know we were going to go see Charlotte’s Web. I remember how excited we all were.

  33. Sherri B.

    Field trips were the best part of school…lol! We had lots of field trips when I was in school. From the 6th grade on, we went to the State Fair each year. It was a blast!!! All we had to do was be back at the bus on time…the rest of the day was ours!!! Times have surely changed! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  34. Tanya

    One of my favorites was going into Manhatten to see a Broadway play, once I hit middle school it was an annual trip. For a few of the plays, we would wait until the audience left, and move up to the front, and would get to meet the actors and actresses and ask them questions. It was a bunch of fun…plus we got to eat at fun restaurants…it was always a great day!

  35. Tanya


  36. Monique Rizzo

    Mine is the road trip we took to California along the coast when I was 7 years old!
    Thanks for the chance.

  37. Christie

    One of my favorite field trips was to an old museum with a wooden Cigar Store “Indian”. The old codger museum guide gave all the girls “Indian Princess” names. Mine was Princess Rosebud.

  38. Christine Sarkauskas

    My favorite field trip as a kid was in 8th grade where we got to go to Niagara Falls. It was an all day event. I felt like such a grown up. We even got to eat on at the resturant that goes in circle and you can watch the falls.

    I will never forget spending the day with my friends; laughing and being a ” grown up “

  39. Christine Sarkauskas

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  40. Christine Sarkauskas



  41. Eileen Burke

    My fave field trip was a trip to Washington DC in 5th grade. It was a long 3 night trip and so much fun being that it was like a slumber party with my best girlfriends for 3 days. The sights were amazing and it was awesome to see the constitution/ declaration of independence/ original Old Glory flag, amazing trip all around!

  42. Tari Lawson

    I remember taking a field trip to Smith Memorial Playground. Now I know a playground sdoesn’t sound so exciting but this one is truly unique. The thing I remember most was this huge wooden slide. It was enclosed in a building and is similar to a bowling lane with a bump in the middle. 6-8 kids could slide at one time. It was so much fun.

  43. Kristi C

    My best field trip memory was an eighth grade trip to Six Flags. We had so much fun that day. Nothing like being surrounded by friends and having a good time.

  44. Mami2jcn

    I remember visiting Washington’s Headquarters in Morristown, NJ when I was in elementary school. It was really cool seeing the mansion where Washington and the soldiers stayed during the Revolutionary War, complete with all the knick-knacks and decor of the time.

  45. Mami2jcn

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    My favorite field trip memories are from a long time ago. The best one i remember was a trip to the Wildlife Preserve in our area .we got to see animals we normally do not see up close a very rewarding experiance

  47. Amber G

    I loved our 3rd grade field trip to the zoo!

  48. Crystal F

    I remember going to the Biltmore House when I was in the 6th grade. The only thing I remember is being in the little cafe and seeing a mom breastfeeding her baby. It was my first experience with breastfeeding. I can tell you the boys had a ball with that. lol Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Amanda

    I loved going to a nature preserve in grades 1-8 we would learn so much.

  50. elizabeth p

    Best field trip ever was to the World of Coke, CNN and Underground all in Atlanta GA.

  51. Michael

    I recall our first (and thusfar only) trip to Canada – back then the most advanced cameras were either too bulky/expensive or low quality. I would love to go back to the same region better prepared to capture the true experience! 🙂

  52. Jen

    My favorite memory from my youth was taking a trip to new york city with our art society group. We saw a show, went to central park, got pizza and did a ton of shopping, not to mention two trips to some awesoem art gallaries!

  53. Lori Hart

    We used to go to the Oakland Zoo a lot as a child. I remember them having a snake out and he pooped on one of my classmates. Not so funny for the fellow student, but therest of us got a kick out of it.

  54. DJ

    One of my fave field trips was going with my class way back in the 80’s lol. My mother and aunty came too and it was a lot of fun!

  55. Amanda

    I had a direct love of field trips as a child. It was a break from routine & added much needed adventure to my already huge imagination. I remember going to the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati. I thought this is an amazing place full of plants & wonder. I also remembered it to be enormous . Yet when I went back as an adult & realized it was three rooms! It amazed me how my perception had changed. Oh, for the love of field trips!!!

  56. Dana

    My most favorite field trip was in 5th grade. We went to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. I can remember getting our photo taken in black and white and then getting to create a piece of art work with it. I think that going to the art museum at such a young age had some type of influence on me wanting to become an art teacher. I love the arts and students need to go on more art related field trips.

  57. Jennifer B

    My most favorite field trip as a kid was going to the Denver zoo!

  58. Louise Gilbert

    My favorite field trip memory was going to Barkerville BC. We all gathered on to the bus. Thought the bus ride was great just because I lived in walking distance to the school and never rode a bus. It was hour and half trip there to the historical town. There was so many thing to see there:)

  59. Suzanne K

    My favorite field trips were the ones where we went snow skiing!

  60. carol y l

    I used to live back east so when I was ingrade school our class went to Mt. Vernon. George Washington’s house and estate were lovely. I even took pictures of it and put it in a scrap book. My classmates enjoyed it, too, and it is fun to look back at those days! What bothered me was that they have their tombs there and it looked like the top of George Washington’s was not on straight or like it had been opened, and as a kid that really bothered me!

  61. carol y l

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  62. carol y l


  63. Jodi F

    I remember the field trips when my mom would come as a helper. Those were always the best ones. She would pack extra snacks for us. The one to the museum was the best. Because she was with me I could wander off with her and see the things I wanted to see.

  64. rob

    the only field trip i can remember was to a park near the Fox River in Illinois in 8th grade, it was fun getting out of school.

  65. Matt D

    Hello! My favorite field trip as a kid was in 5th grade. All semester we learned about finance, and what it meant to have a job/career in real life. Then we would apply for different career/positions. The teacher would choose what position we got and then we were off to the most amazing place ever, Enterprise Village in Largo, FL. At this place we would work in our assigned position/career, mine was the lawyer, one of the most prestigious jobs, where we would get a paycheck every hour or so. Then we would accumulate the money and use it to purchase goods with a check. We had to maintain a balance in our account and we couldn’t spend more than we had. Since that day i learned to love finance … and i was such a saver then that i had like 20 dollars left in my account that i just lost … haha. I think that all children should have an experience like this one where they are put into “real life” for a little while, earning money and balancing check books. It was a blast!

  66. Ant Pea

    when I was a kid, I went on several school field trips, usually on a bus. Almost every year, wherever we went, there was a chance to purchase sourvenirs at the end of the day. I would always buy my mother something – many of those special little things things I have since found stashed among her personal belongings after she passed away and we were cleaning out her house, our old home. Bittersweet memories and valuable treasures. As another note, I usually got myself a live treasure, once a small turtle, once a chamellion lizard, life span of these pets ranged from 2 weeks to 2 months. Why did they torture those poor little critters by selling them to children? But, what a ball it was being a kid!

  67. Kay Fischler

    My favorite field trip was in Junior High. We went to the Tillamook Forest and planted fir trees in the Tillamook Burn Forest. What a wonderful thing to do!

  68. Rita G

    I went to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and was so excited to get to walk through a human heart!

  69. Rita G

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  70. susan lee wiener

    My fav. field trip was going to the Bronx Zoo. It was great! And also the Planetarium.

  71. Jill Myrick

    My favorite field trip was to Dillsboro.
    We left early that morning and traveled to Dillsboro on a train, stopped, saw the sights , had a picnic and traveled home. I had never been on a train or out of town other than to visit family. So I loved every minute of it.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  72. Jill Myrick

    I am following via Twitter as jlsc123.


  73. Nicole D.

    My favorite field trip was going to the Erie Canal (in NY) and getting to take a ride on a boat down the canal. It was a blast!

  74. Sonya

    I remember going to the Monterey bay Aquarium on a field trip and being enthralled by the beauty! I would’ve loved to have a camera to share photos with my family later!

  75. Sonya

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  76. Trisha Dowling

    i sang to mayor feinstein in san francisco, now when we see her on tv, i tell my kids…..i sang xmas carols to her!

  77. Trisha Dowling

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  78. Trisha Dowling
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  80. Melissa M.

    My favorite field trip as a child was going in the swamps of Fort Myers and discovering trees, plants and animals we didn’t know about. We also saw a lot of Bald Eagles!

  81. Happi Shopr

    We went to 6 Flags one year. I wanted to ride every ride and my best friend didn’t want to ride any…we ended up riding most of the kiddy rides. It was still fun.

  82. Happi Shopr

    Follow on twitter (@happishopr)

  83. Linda Lansford

    We went to a concert conducted by Leonard Bernstein. What an eveent!!!!

  84. Michelle

    Don’t get me wrong I love the zoo, but I was unfortunate to enter a grade every year when they decided that that year they will go to the zoo. Needless to say I took a major field trip to the zoo five years in a row. I would have liked to go to other places as well.

  85. Michelle

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  86. Daniel M

    way back when our senior field trip went to the amusement park at nantasket beach (wow can’t remember the name of it), it was there for long long time but a year later it was gone, glad we all went

  87. Diane Baum

    My fave was going to Greenfeild Village in Dearborn, Mi and spending a day in an old fashion classroom school.

  88. mindy

    the fire house i could not figure out how they got up the poles never realized there where stairs as well

  89. Julie L

    Actually the field trips I enjoyed the most were the ones I went on with my kids and their school class field trips
    We once went to the Toledo Zoo and had a blast-I was in charge of 4 kids and my own daughter-talk about needing eyes in the back of your head lol it was hectic but tons of fun

  90. Shanna

    I remember going to the Minnesota Zoo… I remember getting in trouble for kicking the glass on the Lynx cage when I was like 7, and they sent me home. I was so sad.

  91. Shanna

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  92. Diane R.

    I didn’t much enjoy field trips when I was a kid, they were much better with my kids and grandkids. However, I dod remember a trip to the West Coast that we made when I was 8. My father was transferred out there, but couldl’t find a place ato live. So we returned to the Midwest. One bright spot was a visit to the zoo. while there. Sincwe then I’ve lived all over the country, but somehow ended up on the West Coast. Guess what! Now I’m retired and I became a docent at the very same zoo I remembered from my childhood. Oh, and I take my grandkids on field trips to that zoo, It is much changed and for the better, but when I am in the oldest part of the zoo I still remember.

  93. Kelly

    In 3rd grade, we went to visit a farm and a mansion on the same day. The mansion was pretty spectacular–presidents had stayed there, I think Helen Keller had stayed there. The farm, by comparison, was sort of a let down. I don’t remember much about either visit… except for the souvenir shops! I bought a beaded heart necklace at the mansion and a cow noisemaker at the farm. My parents thought I could have done a better job shopping. LOL.

  94. Fran Welch

    We went to New York Ciry and the Chase Money Museum. They had this large rock cut to look like a wheel. On the island it came from this was worth 10,000 cocnuts or a wife.

  95. Mommy2Bears

    I remember going to Wet n’ Wild (waterpark). It was fun and we played all day. I got home and realized that the sunblock washed off. Early on. I was fried and spent the night aloe’d up. It taught me a very important lesson to reapply, reapply, reapply.

  96. Jammie

    I do not recall to many field trips from when I was younger. I remember when I was in middle school our last day there before we moved to the high school we had a lock in and all slept in the school it was scary when it was time for lights out.

  97. Jammie

    I follow you on twitter Jammie79

  98. Anne D

    My favorite field trip was when I was in grade school and we went to a nature preserve for the day. We had so much fun.

  99. Katy M

    I will never forget my first field trip to a modern art museum in preschool. I loevd everything about it and still head to the same place when I want to be inspired!

    Thanks for the great giveaway and the fun trip down memory lane! 🙂

  100. Katy M

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    Thanks!!! 🙂

  101. Katy M

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    Thanks!!! 🙂

  102. Jayna

    I actually just experienced one of the best field trips of my life…with my 10 year old daughter who is in the 4th grade. We went on a trip over to St. Augustine, Florida this week to learn the rich history of the oldest city. I learned so much and completely enjoyed my self…even though I am a parent this field trip had a huge impact on me and my daughter! This is my best field trip memory so far! 🙂

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  104. Jean F

    When I was in 5th grade, my class went by train to see the Florida State Fair. During the parade, I was in the front row because I was short. People behind me kept pushing forward , so it was hard for me to stay out of the parade route. It’s a good thing I did, or one of those giant Budweiser Clydesdale horses would have stepped on my foot!

  105. Tiffany

    I remember going to the post office, and my teacher made me hold hands with a boy. Ew!

  106. Kelly Ann T.

    I loved going t the zoo with our county parks program. The whole neighbohood used to go to summer camp together and the zoo field trip was the best. I loved riding the train and seeing all the animals.

  107. Kelly Ann T.
  108. Lori

    Takeing my kids to Michigan and picking blueberies, awesome time, then heading out to Lake Michigan. Really brought back memories from when my parents took me. Both my parents passed on a trip they took up there by themselves.

  109. Jill Hayes

    We took a field trip to OMSI when I was younger and it was one of the most memorable trips I have ever been on. I still remember all the different activities they had to this day and look forward to taking my children there.

  110. Jill Hayes

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  111. Jill Hayes
  112. Trista Jensen

    I was going to the Santa Barbara Mission on a School Bus, I didn’t want my mom to sit on the bus with me, so I made her drive the car behind us. I was really embarassed that she was going … but after seeing all my friends run up to my mom and talk to her and tell me how lucky I was that my mom could come along, I felt really bad and changed my attitude, we had the best time!

  113. Trista Jensen

    I follow you – & Tweeted @losetheflame

  114. Amanda S.

    I remember when my dad came on a field trip with my class in elementary school. We went to the zoo and he told the kids he could train the bears and one stood up when he raised his arms and the kids thought he really was a bear trainer, lol!

  115. wen

    My fondest memory was a fieldtrip to the bronx botonical garden with the family. It is the first time I’ve seen so many flowers that wasn’t in a book.

  116. Pat B

    We had lots of field trips when I was a kid. One of my favorites was the trip to Williamsburg. It was so much fun to watch them re-enact how the original settlers did things. That’s also when I learned that cinnamon sticks were edible (kind of!)

  117. Melissa B.

    I remember going on a river boat cruise. We all wore those brightly colored shorts called ‘Jams”.


    back in Brooklyn,NY, 1950 when i was 5 years old mt 1st grade class went to prospect park in Brooklyn my first zoo, school bus ride, i remember like it was yesterday

  119. Cheryl

    I remember when I was in 3rd grade, we went to Amish country for a field trip. It was really cool to see how they lived.

  120. Ed Nemmers

    We went to the Museum of Science and Industry!

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  122. Beverly M

    we got to visit a dentist office when i was 7 and we drank a cup of water and it turned all the plaque on our teeth red!! The dentist said our parents would be horrified if they seen all the gunk we didn’t get off our teeth!

  123. Kim H.

    A field trip memory of mine isn’t that good. I remember for a senior trip we went rafting and I (who cannot swim a bit) ended up falling into the river. Luckily, a boy scout (really) class mate was near by and I was “saved”. Even though I had a life vest on, I was too scared to be of real help. Thankfully, there were no cameras about.

  124. Renee C.

    As a teen we got to go to an amusement part as part of our Senior Trip. So far my kids have not gotten anything quite that cool, my son got to visit a watershed, and my daughter a “chuck e. cheese” type place. My son’s favorite field trip was to the symphony last year and my daughter really enjoyed the field trip to the art museum.

  125. christopher h

    i still remember going to the symphony in the 2nd grade

  126. Aisling

    I remember going on a river boat cruise with a huge group of adults and kids from our church. We traveled down the Mississippi River and it was a huge boat with a ballroom.

  127. Alice C

    i loved going to the zoo the most

  128. Ellie W

    When I was in 5th grade my class went to the museum to see the Pompei exhibit. It was the first time it had come to Dallas. It made a big impression on me.

  129. Susan Smith

    Our 4gh greade class went to the zoo and got to pet some baby tigers. They were so cute. I did get a little nervouse when I saw how big they will get like their parents. We also saw a baby elephant some lions. I remember my feet hurting after all that walking.

  130. Ellie W

    I follow you on twitter @eswright18.

  131. Melissa Roberge

    When I was in kindergaten my favorite field trip I remember is we went to lary park zoo

  132. Michelle Kelgard

    I remember going on a school picnic at a local park. I remeber being so excited to ride the bus and eating my lunch outside on blankets. It was a great day!

  133. Erin Walsh

    I always loved zoo field trips in grade school the best. It seemed like we went every year.

  134. Lauren

    The best field trip ever was when I was in the 8th grade and we had the opportunity to go to Key Largo. We spent 4 days snorkling in the ocean, and we learned so much about the ocean and it’s wildlife. We even got to spend one day in Key West and watch the Sunset Festival. It was amazing, and I will never forget the wonderful experience I had on my trip!

  135. Erin Walsh

    Following on Twitter under ewalsh1


    One of my favorite field trips was in 4th grade when our class went to Colonial Williamsburg. We had a blast all the way there, during, and all the way home. I’m sure the bus driver didn’t have a good time 🙂

  137. Valerie Hannen

    I remember in high school getting to go with my chorus to see an Off Broadway Production of Annie.

  138. donna

    sign me up

  139. Heather

    I have many favorite Field trip, but I think my #1 Field trip was my Senior trip. I had the best time ever. It was special because all the other field trips I had went on there were bunches of parents, and on the Trip to Washington D.C we only had 4 teachers who went with us and were able to walk around these huge Malls and historical sites all by our selves. It meant we had freedom and that a couple weeks after the Senior trip we would all be going our separate ways and may not see any of our class mates again or for a long time. I haven’t seen have the people who went on our senior trip since Graduation. That trip was the BEST Field trip ever!

  140. Vicki Andrew

    I grew up in W. Los Angeles and each year we would go to the farmers market, Helms bakery (we would get our own loaf of bread) and my favorite, Jr Deli, still love going there

  141. Colleen

    My best field trip when I was young was to the Blue Bell Creamry where they make Blue Bell Ice Cream.

  142. Derk Thomas

    I remember going on a field trip to a farm when I was in grade school.

  143. Jessica D. Nguyen

    hello! i just followed you on twitter on @jessicadnguyen . a field trip memory from my youth…discovery center. i have a vivid memory of throwing away my lunchable pack with only one cracker left and a hobo grabbed it from me and ran. i was traumatized! that was a scary but unforgettable moment! 🙂
    i tweeted about the giveaway as well.
    have a nice day!

  144. lynne Goodwin

    went on a field trip with our class when we were in 7th grade, was fun going to Marshes Museum in Long Beach Wa. Got to see Jake the Aliigator man and the 2 headed cow.

  145. lynne Goodwin

    following you on twitter and tweeted logger1951 enter to win
    less than 5 seconds ago via web

  146. Thomas Lyon

    I remember going to the zoo, the bus ride was soo long!

  147. Don D

    Our Senior trip was to an amusement park…they closed the park this day except for schools. The year before we went they had so many schools that it was very croweded. But we went ahead and decided to take the trip. It ended up that there were only two schools that booked the year we went. It was like having a whole amusement park to yourself. It was so much fun.

  148. Douglas

    The Indianapolis Childrens Museum… best museum in the world !!

  149. Don D

    I follow on Twitter: Rambling69

  150. Jess

    The joy of figuring out how to make the model sail boat go towards the wind at the Montshire in VT. I don’t think I really believed it was possible until that moment.

  151. hminnesota

    I grew up in India and didn’t have too many field trips. But I very well remember my first one from 4th grade..First time I took a camel ride.

  152. hminnesota

    following you on twitter

  153. kay wolter

    a trip to the salt mine less then 10 minutes from school WE thought We were top notch and so lucky

  154. Chrysa

    My favorite field trip was when we went to the Tonka factory. Each one of us got a real, metal Fire Ranger Station Wagon. I still have it!

  155. Chrysa

    I’m following you on Twitter. (My Twitter name is @ThriftyJinxy)

  156. Janna Johnson

    I loved loved going to the boonshoft museum in dayton in high school and the now closed titanic museum in elementry!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  157. Shellie

    When I was in the first grade we to the pumpkin patch right before Halloween. My mom came with us. When we got there, my teacher or any of the other parents could find any pumpkins. My mom wouldn’t give up and she finally saved the day by finding the right place in the patch where all the great pumpkins were.

  158. Shellie

    Following you on Twitter

  159. courtney

    oh wow my best memory was a field trip to the zoo! soo fun!

  160. courtney

    following your twitter meandbells

  161. Darcy B

    I remember a field trip in 1976 (I was 10) we went to see t he American Freedom Train that came around to celebrate the bicentennial it had all kinds of American artifacts–Washington’s copy of the Constitution, Judy Garland’s dress from the Wizard of Oz, and lots of other amazing things.

  162. Anna E.

    My childhood trip is visting Discovery Place 7 times! And really enjoying all of the space gadgets to play with.

  163. Anna E.

    I am following you on twitter @femalebiker21.

  164. Jill Hayes
  165. Jennifer Jozwiak

    i loved the trip i took to the natral histry museum.

  166. Kathleen S.

    I loved our over night nature camp field trip my class took in 6th grade, it was so fun! Thanks.

  167. Vicky H.

    I wish I could remember specific details, but when I was five, I remember that my school in Korea (it was a pretty small school since it was for Americans) took a field trip/picnic to a huge park/open field. My schoolmates were flying kites, eating Korean meals, and just simply having a nice, relaxing time.

  168. Sarah L

    I remember when we went to the potato chip factory and saw how they were made. Very fun. Thanks for the contest.

  169. Sarah L

    follow on twitter: slehan

  170. Tiffany

    I remember going to the local sand dunes when I was younger. They were huge and we all got to play on them. It was so much fun!

  171. Tiffany

    Following on twitter as babesandkids

  172. Tiffany


  173. Tiffany

    Ooops didn’t include the link on that last tweet – will you delete my previous entry?

  174. Amy G.

    One field trip I remember was a trip to visit Mackinaw Island here in Michigan. I spent a lot of summers up in Mackinaw City, but never went to the Island- so it was so much fun to be able to do that with my friends from class. It was awesome going on horse drawn carriage rides, seeing a cool butterfly house, and eating delicious Mackinaw fudge.

  175. Tonya Dean

    We went to Mark Twain Caves in IL. and it was so creepy and I got chased by a bat. It was awesome.

  176. Rachel D.

    I still remember my very first field trip. It was to the zoo and my Dad came with us which I loved because he was the only Dad that came. I got to pick 3 friends since my Dad was one of the helpers coming. What do I remember most? Right after we ate lunch we went to look at the gorillas and there was one right at the glass we were next to and he looked at us and then ate his poop…and then I threw up!

  177. Rachel D.

    I follow you on Twitter (tobinsmommy08)

  178. Lori Z.

    My favorite field trips were the ones to San Francisco–the exploratorium and the overnight trips to the marine headlands. So fun!

  179. Lia

    Sea World in Ohio

  180. Scott Bergman

    I remember going to the state capitol when I was very young and being amazed at how pretty it was. The inside of the dome was painted like the sky and was so high up. I think at that time it was the biggest building I had ever been in.

  181. jennifer caron

    In third grade my class wert to the peabody museum in new haven ct. It was the greatest trip. I’ve taken my kids there because I liked it so much!

  182. Cynthia C

    My most unusual fieldtrip was to the sewage treatment plant in the sixth grade. The memory of the odor stays with you!

  183. Amy Delong

    senior year in hs we went to fl for a week,had the time of my life!


  184. Amy Delong

    follow you on twitter


  185. R Hicks

    One of my fond memories was a field trip to see the Tempest being performed at a local college. It was my first exposure to the arts.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  186. R Hicks

    follow you twitter and tweeted

  187. andrea

    some of my greatest memories are the field trips when I was younger. One field trip was to see the liberty bell in philadelphia. 🙂

  188. Tyler Kosnik

    A 6th grade field trip to Gettysburg stands out in my mind particularly. Both my dad and I have always been really interested in Civil War history and he chaperoned that trip. We wandered the battlefields together, he providing little-known facts here and there, me heel-in-toe, soaking it all in. In that sense, the trip was educational, but also emotional; one of our finest bonding moments.

  189. Tyler Kosnik

    Now a follower of @mammamiafl!

  190. Genevieve L

    In 7th grade I went to St. Augustine, FL for a field trip. We visited an old fort, museums, the fountain of youth, and shopping downtown. It was a great day. My mom always chaoaroned my field trips. Although we didn’t always get along, I don’t ever remember not enjoying having her there. Now that I’m a mom I want to be there for my children’s field trips too. My daughter’s 2nd grade class is going on their field trip in a couple of weeks and I’m probably more excited than them.

  191. Evan Thomas

    I remember crawling around on the tennis court of my old apartment

  192. susan

    I remember going to the zoo with my class as a child. It was a great time, and I will always remember it.

  193. karen

    The only field trip I really remember is going to the AZ state capitol in 6th grade.

  194. Amber

    As a kid, I loved field trips. I grew up in Michigan, so we once took a field trip to the Henry Ford museum and saw the factory where some of the very first cars were made, we saw models of the very first cars that were in existence, and I remember thinking just how cool that was. Field trips were one of my favorite parts of school as a kid 🙂

  195. Amber

    I follow you on Twitter also (lipstickncandy)

  196. Amber
  197. Dawn Walters

    I follow @mammamiafl and you should too! 🙂 Twittered about you!!!!

  198. Shelley Mitchell

    My favorite was when we went to the donut shop and could create our own donuts!

  199. Melissa Burzynski

    The one time I can remember a school field trip and my mom came as one of the safety’s, she blew her nose on the buss and it was soooooo darn loud it embarrassed me so bad! Thanks mom 🙂

  200. Sand

    I remember going to the art museum as a fourth grader and just loving it. It was such an educational trip.

  201. Melissa Burzynski

    Stalking you on Twitter @mb11fb

    Retweeted :

  202. Marie

    We took a field trip to Disney World! Talk about a fun field trip!

  203. evelyn

    looks great

  204. G. L. PENROD


  205. Nancy

    In 4th grade I went on field trip to the local aquarium. I was wide eyed seeing all the various sea life.

  206. Brandon Ralston

    When I was in high school we went to the Tennessee aquarium one time.

  207. S Carter

    My class tooka field trip to a farm. One of the kids disturbed a beehive. At least 15 of us got stung. It was the longest bus ride back to the city EVER!

  208. Veronica Garrett

    Our school didn’t have too many field trips. The only one our class went on was to the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta.

  209. Pamela S

    We went to the Falls of the Ohio which is a fossil bed and museum. FUN!

  210. Carlos Fraticelli

    Fourth Grade , Armor Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was likely the most awesome experience I had until at least high school.

  211. Carlos Fraticelli

    Following @mammamiafl on twitter!

  212. kathy pease

    i remember going on a nature hike in the woods with my class here in was a nightmare 3 of us got stung by hornets and i was not a field trip fan after that and am scared to death of

  213. kathy pease

    following on twitter klp1965

  214. zanvia

    My favorite field trip for oh-so-long ago what to the nearby state park. Fun times :).

  215. zanvia

    I follow you on twitter (@zanvia).

  216. Gianna

    We once went to Six Flags for a field trip and it was awesome. The weather wasn’t too great so not too many people were there. There were very short lines and at one point we just went on the log ride over and over LOL.

  217. susan smoaks

    when i was in the 4th grade i went to st augustine, i loved ripley’s believe it or not!

  218. Lance Pearson
    i remember a field trip we took to canada to an amusement park in montreal. I was young and remember the rides being so scary–and I most remember the haunted house–it was really scary and dangerous. I remember not being able to see anything and you had to walk through it, it was dangerous

  219. Lance Pearson

    follow you on twitter

  220. SuZ

    I tweeted about the contest.

  221. paul haddock

    The air muesume in DC was great

  222. Rosie

    I love going to apple orchards and going on hay rides in the fall. It’s something I’ve loved doing since childhood.

  223. Sue E

    We rarely took field trips, so when we went to a theater and saw Peter Pan, it was really a treat. Thanks for the chance!

  224. Sharon Seneker

    When I was in school I loves our field trip to Washington DC! Great giveaway! Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  225. Sharon Seneker

    I am a new Facebbok Follower through Network Blogs-Sharon Seneker! Thanks!

  226. Sharon Seneker

    I am a new Twitter Followeer-sharonjo1! Thanks!

  227. Sue E

    I follow you on Twitter as suebaby05.

  228. Sharon Seneker

    (I am sorry I keep making typos on this form, the entry box writing is very small even after I pushed F11.) I just retweeted this great giveaway-sharonjo1! Thanks!

  229. Jennifer

    The first field trip I remember was visiting an apple orchard.

  230. Jennifer

    I follow you with twitter (DixieDisneyDiva)

  231. amy d

    i went on a field trip to an old 1900
    school building

  232. Brett

    Once went on a field trip to the local performing arts center and when they asked if any of us would like to get on stage and show us some acting my friend and I got up and did the Three Amigos salute. Everyone laughed.

  233. Denise B.

    In eighth grade of grammar school, we went to see “Grease” on Broadway. Even back then, I though we shouldn’t have seen it at our age given the content of the performance.

  234. Charlotte Lapham

    Love to use a camera when I travel

  235. Justine

    I remember going to the fish hatchery when I was in grade school, we learned all about fish and how they climbed the ladders and spawned 😀

  236. Justine
  237. Amanda Caruthers

    I remember going on a field trip to the science lab at a college. They showed us different experiments with liquid nitrogen and I thought it was awesome!

  238. Talitha Lee

    Going to the Biosphere in 6th grade and getting to see Wyland the marine artist painting the murals on the sodes. Thanks for the contest!

  239. amy h

    My favorite field trip moment was when we went to the museum. It was my favorite because I bought this beaded necklace that looked like a doll. I loved that necklace so much. I wore it all of the time and was devastated as a kid when the thread broke and all of the beads gushed to the floor. 🙁

  240. amy h

    Following you on twitter. Tweet:

  241. Carrie

    I remember loving field trips. One of my favorites was whale watching and just waiting to see a limpse of a whale…

  242. Barbara Long

    The only field trip I recall was my 6th grade class field trip to Lansing to visit the capital and also included a trip to the zoo.

  243. Tammy Greer

    When I was in elementary school, I went on a field trip to the Maola ice cream plant. We saw how ice cream was made and then we all got our own ice cream to eat. I remember how good that ice cream tasted. I haven’t had any ice cream since then that even came close to how wonderful that ice cream was.

  244. allison

    we went to martin marietta in new orleans and saw the space shuttle tanks that were made there. talk about COOL!!!

  245. Heather

    In grade school, we would always go to a fun little place called Billie Creek Village every year. I remember I loved going on hay rides!

  246. Heather
  247. Heather

    Following you on Twitter!

  248. marc-andre taillefer

    I remember going to the art museum as a third grader and just loving it.

  249. Anita A.

    I remember in elementary school taking a trip down to Radio City Musical Hall on December 15 (I’m not telling the year – I don’t want to date myself!). This was when they would show a movie AND then also do the Christmas Spectacular show. We saw 1776 and the Christmas Spectacular. On the way home, it started to snow. Mom (who chaperoned) and I trudged home through the snow about 3/4 of a mile from school to home in our shoes (and the snow was about 4-5 inches by then). If you knew my mom, you’d know why the walk home was almost as impressive as RCMH – Mom was not a play in the snow type of girl, especially not without boots! What a memorable day that was – and it was sooo much fun!

  250. Betty C

    When I was in the 7th grade we had a field trip to the zoo. One thing that I will never forget is having a snake wrapped around my shoulders. I was petrified but determined not to show how frightened I was.

  251. heather c

    On one of my field trips, we went to a place famous for their arrowheads. I picked one up and examined the heck out of it. The next day, my picture was in the paper…and I sure had an intense look on my face!

  252. Betty C

    I follow on Twitter as willitara.

  253. heather c

    I follow on twitter – choochoo428

  254. heather c
  255. Min K

    I remember the food factory trips best – potato chips, soda, peanut butter. They always gave snacks.

  256. Lily Kwan

    I remember going to a farm and petting the animals.

  257. DanV

    I remember visiting the museum of natural history with my class

  258. Alex K

    In the 4th or 5th grade, I went to a wildlife preservation site and we got to see many interesting animals and learned about the environment.

  259. Amanda

    And a winner has been selected by… Lori!!!! No more entries at this time. Thanks for participating. Come back again for more fun.

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