Bringing Play Time Back

Sadly, I had to be reminded this week, by the owner of Amaya Papaya, of  “The Importance of Play.” My busy life got the best of me, and it’s time to bring play time back!

Amaya Papaya, located in Casselberry (right outside of Orlando), has created a destination for families to play, learn, party and shop together while hanging out in an eclectic parent-child hangout. Children ages 0 – 5 can learn through hands on discovery, role playing, physical activity and parent/child interaction. Parents can play with their children on play structures, slides, and in imagination-inspiring themed play areas, or relax and talk to other grown ups while watching their children explore from one of the wifi equipped lounge areas.

Amaya Papaya

There is always some hip happening taking place at Amaya Papaya so check the calendar for special classes, story times and events for children and adults.

So enough of my babble… get over there and experience what the hype is about first hand. I’ll make it easy for you.

WIN: Leave a comment below letting me know how you instate the “Importance of Play” in your family and you’ll be entered to win a free open play card for Amaya Papaya. I have 3 to giveaway. This contest will run through Friday, October 15.

Amaya Papaya is open Monday – Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm and Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for private parties or open play (check the calendar.)  Price of admission for kids is $9.99 for kids 1-6 and $4.99 for babies 8 – 12 months, unless of course you have a free pass from The Mamma Mia Blog! 

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7 Responses to Bringing Play Time Back

  1. Heather

    We are always looking for fun ways to keep our little guy active and wear him out 😉 We went to Amaya Papaya once and loved it, can’t wait to go back. It’s nice that they get to play with toys but you get to go home to a clean house!

  2. Erica Clements

    We love Amaya Papaya and Yolanda, the owner, is such a sweet person!

    Anyway, play is integral to child development and starts with infancy. Babies start play by copying their parents facial expressions. I thinks that’s why we end up cooing and gooing with our babies. Toddlers love to imitate what Mommy and Daddy are doing. Whether it be pretending to cook or sweep the floor, they are playing and learning at the same time.

    Play is the best way for kids to learn as it’s most natural to them and doesn’t feel like a chore. And adults need to let loose and be silly with their kids too. It’s fun and kids feel validated when their parents play with them. Plus who doesn’t like to put off chores and play for a bit! So yeah, play is important in many aspects.

  3. Jen

    I am a bad mom! We’ve never been to Amaya Papaya!!!! We’ve been supposed to go several times, but something always comes up. But we do love to PLAY!!

  4. Jennifer

    I am allllllll about play 🙂 Every morning is focused on my two little munchkins – Monkey Joe’s, Orlando Science Center, Leu Gardens, and Sea World are some of our favorite places to go (when we’re not hosting or attending a home playdate). Amaya Papaya is such a fun place, too – perfect for exercising creativity and enjoying imaginative play. My 2-year-old’s behavior and nap length greatly depend on her level of activity and amount of play in the a.m., so I had to change our routine a little and completely eliminate any errands or appointments in the morning… Life is soooo much better now, and my kids are happier for it too! Occasionally, we’ll run an errand in the afternoon when they wake up from their naps, but mainly we try to get crafty (paint, play dough, sidewalk chalk, art project, etc) or hit the park. Play time is really the foundation of a child’s intellectual development – they learn social skills andfigure out problem-solving techniques , too. Getting to enjoy “play” all over again with my little ones is definitely one of my favorite things about being a mommy 🙂

  5. Julie Biggs

    I love AP! Yolonda not only has provided a wonderful environment for kids and families to spend time together, but her unwavering support for other local moms is a blessing. She has helped me grow my Thirty-One business and offered up her space and clients to me. My favorite thing about AP is even when there are a lot of kids, everyone is actively engaged and I never see kids fighting over toys or acting crazy. If you haven’t been you must go!

  6. Maggie

    Playing with my two boys brings out the best in me. It’s not always easy when there are chores and errands to do, but I find it really fills up our ‘lovetanks’! Makes the day go smoother and gives all if us a chance to learn and grow.

  7. Candy

    We like to mix it up at our home but one thing remains the same every night…Dance Party. We turn up the music and boogie as a family. The kids love it. We love it. And no one gets to see just how bad my husband and I dance;-) What is important is that the kids think we are awesome (for now).

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