Foto Friday… The Copy Cat

Ever think your kids aren’t watching your every move (and fashion decision)? Think again. Mia emerged  from my closet this week dressed….  “just like mommy.”

Mini Me


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Posted on by Amanda in Foto Friday 10 Comments

10 Responses to Foto Friday… The Copy Cat

  1. Corine (Complicated Mama)

    How adorable is she?!?!

    My 2yo loves putting on my heels. I am totally being watched as well. Its adorable and slightly scary at the same time 🙂

  2. Us

    She even got the accessories right! That’s pretty impressive. At least the girl’s picking up your keen fashion sense. My six year old still accessorizes by wiping her cheeto cheese hands on the fronts of her white shirts. Not so chic, eh?

  3. urban muser

    that is so adorable! i love the glasses on her. she looks like she just stepped out of the 1970s.

  4. L. Eleana

    Your mini-me is soooo cute! She’s rockin your shoes and your dress!!

  5. natalyn

    Haha! That is soooo cute! My two-year old wears my heels and it is always hilarious!

    Nice to meet you. I have a stepdaughter named Mia. It’s a lovely name.

  6. Jennifer

    Now that is FUNNY! Kids certainly see a lot more than we think they do. They are like little sponges absorbing everything around us. How sweet that photo is!

  7. erin

    That is absolutely awesome!

    My mom used to get offended because my little brother always preferred to rummage through my closet over hers when he was a wee one, lol.

  8. Unplanned Cooking

    That is adorable! I love that dress btw. Our little girl is into carrying my purse now.

  9. beth aka confusedhomemaker

    Love it! My kids all dress up, the boys have come out in Daddy’s ties & dress shoes & my daughter well she & Mia would be 2 peas in a well dressed pod 😉

  10. Letters From Home

    Very Cute. When my son was two he loved to wear his Dad’s shoes. Good luck with baby #2

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