Go Ahead… Play With Your Food

Well what do ya know… It’s Foto Friday again. I’ve fallen slightly behind but the reason is good. Big news for The Mamma Mia Blog coming soon!

I don’t have much talent in the kitchen, but over the past four years, Mia has inspired me to do better. I’ve actually found that cooking is kind of fun. Yes, I said it! Anyway, I’ve had some great times cooking and baking together with Mia. Well, I call it cooking and baking and she calls it playing with food.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made cookies solid as a bricks and a cake that had no center, but hey… we’ve had fun.

Here’s a super easy, and emotionally stimulating, recipe to try with your kids.

Emotional Pizza
What you need: Whole grain pita, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, veggies to make faces

Mad Pizza Face
Happy Pizza Face
 Chef Mia hard at work…
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