Florida Ocean Adventure

The Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center is a hidden gem on the Treasure Coast. Perfect for families and a great learning experience. Read more

Family Getaway Postcard Inn St. Pete Beach

A few weeks ago, our family, along with two other Orlando families,ventured to St. Pete beach on the Gulf Coast to celebrate a little friend's 8th birthday at the Postcard Inn. I was attracted to the aesthetics of this trendy spot since it was transformed from a Travelodge in Read more

Best Play Spots in Paris

It's almost three weeks since we returned from Europe, and I've finally sifted through my photos. I felt like my first post should talk about the fun playgrounds/parks in Paris. What an awesome experience to see the girls jumping right into the mix at playgrounds many miles from their Read more

Hidden Gem: Sand Key Florida

My other half planned a short getaway for our nine year anniversary. I wasn't exactly sure where we were headed, but knew it was somewhere around Clearwater Beach. As we drove over the bridge to Clearwater, I kept expecting a turn off at one of the many beach hotels. To my surprise Read more

Westin Cape Coral Weekend Getaway

Most of you who follow my Instagram or Twitter know that we had a fabulously fun weekend at the Westin in Cape Coral, FL a few weeks ago. The property became a Westin in December of 2013 and underwent a plethora of renovations, which I believe puts it in the best Read more

Meeting Winter - Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Most of the world has seen (or at least heard of) the movie Dolphin Tale. The story highlights the rescue of a wounded dolphin who ends up losing one very important important thing... a tale! The Clearwater Marine Aquarium works hard in the movie to create a prosthetic tail just Read more


Finding Fall in Dahlonega

Living in Florida, the girls don’t get a real taste of fall weather. We travel to snow every winter, but have never traveled to experience fall. This year, when Mia asked where we could go to see fall, I knew we needed a road trip. Their dad had been camping several times in North Georgia and suggested we pack our bags and get on the road for Dahlonega, GA – about 7 hours from Orlando.

As we drove, we began to see and feel changes in the air and trees. It was quite amazing to watch the world transform. (Especially for me, who tries to steer clear of driving trips over 4 hours!) What we discovered and experienced once we arrived in the Dahlonega, puts this adventure on my top 5 list of my favorite weekend trips. I’m not sure if it was being immersed in the beauty of a season I barely recognized after 12 years living in Florida or if it was the happiness on the girls faces as they basked in all the glory fall has to offer.

Monteluce Winery - The Mamma Mia Blog

First stop Monteluce Winery for lunch and fun in the vineyard


Dahlonega, GA - Travel with Kids

Dahlonega has a quaint downtown area with great restaurants, cafes and shops.


Amicolola Hike - Travel With Kids The Mamma Mia Blog

We stayed at the Amicolola Lodge, which was perfect for hiking and family adventure.

This trip will remain etched in my memory in a way I never could have imagined. I’m already making plans to go back next year. This is what family travel is all about.

Follow our family travel & food adventures live on Instagram and Twitter! Happy travels!


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The Real Meaning of Sorry

I don’t repost a lot, but this article on Babble today made way too much sense not to pass on. I originally read it on the site last March, but noticed they had repurposed it, and rightfully so.

I admit my little Mia often says, “Well I said I’m sorry!” I often wonder where I missed the boat on making sure she understood that just saying sorry doesn’t make it all better, all the time. Take a few minutes and read Christina Knapp’s article on Babble.com. I’m definitely going to take this info to heart.

The Real Meaning of Sorry

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Scott Test Drive – Last Chance!

It’s week 4, the final week of the Scott Naturals Test Drive Giveaway. I will again this week be giving away a month’s supply of Scott Naturals to one lucky commenter. (See entry instructions below)

This is also time to make a big push to click through the Scott Naturals links on this page to raise money for the National Wildlife Federation! Scott will donate $1 to the National Wildlife Federation up to $25,000. What a shame it would be if we didn’t reach the $25,000 mark.

How you can enter Scott Naturals giveaway:

  • Take the virtual pledge to take the 4-week Test Drive
  • Come back and leave me a comment letting me know why you’ve taken the pledge.
  • Additional entry for each day you tweet about the giveaway. (One tweet extra entry per day) Take the #ScottNaturals #ScottTestDrive @mammamiafl today!

By entering the 4-week Test Drive on the ScottBrand site, you are also entered to win a Ford Hybrid!

If you want more chances to win visit my friend The Suburban Mom. She’s test driving for Mother Earth too.

The winner for comments on this post will be selected on Thursday, May 12 at 5 pm.

This giveaway is open to US residents 18 years of age and older. The Mamma Mia Blog is being compensated for this project  with Scott Naturals and The Motherhood. However, all thoughts and opinions are those of The Mamma Mia Blog.

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Little Wedding That Could

I bet I sucked you in with the wedding mention. As most of you know, I am not married, but do live a very committed and amazing life with my man a la Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn style. So, no I didn’t make it legal just yet.

Making The Deal

I did however hop a plane to my hometown in good old Southwestern PA this weekend to see my little bro tie the knot. As Frank Sinatra says, “They did it their way.” With all the pressures in this materialistic world to throw a huge wedding attended by hundreds of people (including Aunt Sally twice removed), my brother and his wife decided to go against the grain and celebrate their day with siblings, parents and grandparents. Loved it and love them.

No way I could have not posted a few photos. Definitely inched me slightly closer to understanding all weddings don’t have to be financially draining balls of complete stress. Now, off to Oregon for these love birds to start their married life… If their wedding was a symbol of things to come, it’s going to be a great ride.

The Original Crazy Keefer Clan

Officially, Official… Now off to Oregon!

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The Show…

As Mia’s first ballet performance draws near, it’s all about the show in our house. It brings back lots of fond memories of the millions of shows I put together as a child. I decided to take a few photos of Saturday’s show to share. I don’t know if this is the route her ballet teacher is going, but it’s creative expression all the same and I love to see her express herself.

The Mia Show

She has some moves

I'd put her through to Vegas, but I'm bias

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Bye Bye 09

December has been a whirlwind month and 2009….  Well, 2009 has been a whirlwind year. Lots of ups and downs in the Mamma Mia world. What fun would it be without a little craziness, right?

I’m taking the next two weeks to relax, reflect and think about how I can make 2010 the best year yet for me, my family and the Mamma Mia blog. You should do the same. Shut down the Tweet Deck, close out of Facebook and take some time to regroup and figure out how you can be a better person, parent, friend, son, daughter, volunteer etc., etc.

If you have any suggestions, comments or thoughts regarding what you’ve read on Mamma Mia this year or what you’d like to see in the New Year… leave a comment and let me know.

I wish all of you the very happiest of holidays and a very blessed New Year!

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Mia’s Best Seller List

At my baby shower, a friend asked that everyone bring their favorite childrens book to help build Mia’s library. What a fabulous idea that was! Mia had a little library ready to go when she arrived. I created a tiny book shelf for her so that all the books were easily accessible. I even set up a “reading chair” for her that she still uses today.

Mia definitely loves her books. I’m glad she inherited more than just my drama queen persona! Here are a few of her current favorites. I’m sure your little ones will love them just as much!

What are your children’s favorite books? Comment and let me know!

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Watch Out Now!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… The new and improved Mamma Mia! Whoop! Whoop!

I didn’t write this past week because I’ve been hard at work trying to nail down the “feel” of Mamma Mia. I thought it would be easy, but many hours and one very patient web designer later, here it is. (Thanks Davin!)

What you can expect from the new Mamma Mia… A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

The plan is to hone in on five categories: general mom babble; travels with and without child; Mia’s must haves, clothes, products, music etc.; and about-town news, highlighting events and things to do in Central Florida.

The fifth category will be something kind of different. I realize that I am the mother of one pretty crazy and unique toddler. I also realize the diversity of the moms I know and the insight they provide to me. Therefore, once a month, I will have a guest blogger write on my blog to mix things up. Hey… Mia loves all moms, not just Mamma.

So there you have it. All I can say is that the new format inspires me, and I am super excited! It’s all about inspiration, and that’s why I’m including of photo of my lovely family today… because they inspire me. My sidekick Madison, my “life partner” Marcus and my muse… Mia.

Photos courtesy of Life Focus Photography

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