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Fitness & Health

World Sight Day


Rockin the sunnies

Who knew! There is an entire day, Oct. 10, dedicated to keeping our eyes healthy. I was approached about a World Sight Day briefing that was taking place this week and decided to join in on the conversation, as I am admittedly not the best about regular eye exams.

I doubted at first, that I would get much out of the briefing. What could I possibly learn outside of the fact that you should protect your eyes with shades, which as you can see we have no problem with, and regularly visit the eye doctor?

I am so glad I took the time to listen in.  I got some simple tips for me and my computer and sun loving brood.

*To prevent digital eye strain, look away from your computer for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. The 20/20 rule!

*Keep your distance from the screen – 20 – 24 inches.

*Always look for the sticker on sunglasses UVA/UVB protection. Did you know your eyes can get sunburned?

*UV radiation is present year-round.

*Dark leafy greens and foods containing Omega 3 can preserve eye health.

So break out those sunnies, set up your computer and make a salmon salad! For more information on eye health, go to the Vision Council’s website.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post per The Motherhood & Vision Council. All thoughts and opinions are my very own.


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A Letter From The Slowest Generation


Ready to Run!

It’s times like these that make me very happy to have this little blog of mine… I would have posted this in the comment section of Mr. Hellikers’s article in the Wall Street Journal, but you aren’t able to leave comments, because apparently I have to subscribe to WSJ ($26.99 for first three months) to be able to have an opinion. This is a great way to ensure editorial only receives comments from the most dedicated (paying) readers. Good job WSJ.

If you haven’t had a chance to click through the article... Mr. Helliker attempts to make the point that the current generation of runners is the “slowest generation” because they partake in fun runs that do not keep track of race times. While I’m on the cusp of being a Gen Y member, born in 1980,which I believe is the generation to which, based on his article, he is referring to (20 – 33 years of age on average), I disagree. I decided to publish my response below.

Dear Mr. Helliker,

As I ran the Color Run with my 7-year-old daughter last Sunday I realized that, yes, there were a lot of walkers in this “run”, but I also realized there were a lot of people out walking who might otherwise still be in bed because they aren’t a trained marathon runner like yourself. There were lots of families running together. I’m sure they felt like this was a fun way to get the entire family out for a fun run that wasn’t super intimidating. I’m sure you are aware of the recent reports on childhood obesity? Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the past 30 years. Crazy, right, that this happened under the watchful eye of your very “fast” generation? Do you  disagree that we as Americans should be doing everything in our power to make fitness fun for our youth? Even if that means not tracking race times?

I was in the company of a few friends Sunday who aren’t typical 5K runners, but after partaking in the Color Run, felt like maybe a 5K wasn’t so bad. Wow, what a concept, introducing folks to the world of running who wouldn’t typically see themselves as runners. It took making something fun and not-intimidating to give them the confidence to want to do another 5K. Maybe even one that tracks their race time, maybe over a few years, giving them the confidence to run a marathon.

So please Mr. Helliker, you continue to run your marathons and finish in the top 11%… Make sure we all know about it. It’s because of people like you that many people feel intimidated to get out and run. It’s people like you who would make it uncomfortable for me to introduce a 5K to my 7-year-old daughter.

Would be great to see an article about what we can do to stop the removal of physical education programs from our schools or maybe what advice you have for first time runners. Instead of bashing an entire generation, you might want to use your extensive running knowledge and expertise to help better it.


A member of the “slowest” generation






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The Show…

As Mia’s first ballet performance draws near, it’s all about the show in our house. It brings back lots of fond memories of the millions of shows I put together as a child. I decided to take a few photos of Saturday’s show to share. I don’t know if this is the route her ballet teacher is going, but it’s creative expression all the same and I love to see her express herself.

The Mia Show

She has some moves

I'd put her through to Vegas, but I'm bias

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Get Your Muddy On!

Mia flashing a smile before crossing the finish line

So maybe you’ve heard of the Muddy Buddy competition….  Teams of two conquer (or attempt to conquer) a 6-7 mile off-road course including biking and running and obstacles.

At the end of the race, racers crawl through the infamous Mud Pit before crossing the finish. Oh, themed costumes are a must… Prizes involved for the best costumed duo.

While neither Marcus or I competed in the adult portion. (Yeah, yeah… next year, I swear) We were super excited to learn about the Mini Muddy Buddy that accompanies the “old people” race. Entry fees for kids were only $15. Besides and awesome experience, the cost included t-shirts and a froggy medal.

Muddy Buddy

The kids were divided into age groups and then conquered the obstacle course as well as the Mud Pitt.  Music, winners circle, snacks and drinks followed. Teaching your kids to embrace a healthy lifestyle at an early age is so important. This competition really hit that message home.

Find out when the Muddy Buddy is coming to your neck of the woods by clicking here. You MUST watch this video and visit the site for more footage.

Click to see Mia's big muddy finish

A proud daddy and veteran Muddy Buddy participant

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