Mamma Mia Brings Sexy and Provocative

Well, at least I got your attention with the sexy and provocative thing…

Here goes the intro blog… I’m a mom, and not a traditional mother… whatever that is anyway. I’m not married for one. Two, I live in a condo high-rise in the middle of downtown.
I didn’t have a video camera monitor when my daughter was a baby, and yep, you guessed it no baby wipe warmer… just used the wipes straight out of the container. I am okay with the five second rule and even extend it a few seconds at times. I realize there are germs in the world and I can’t protect my daughter from all of them. From what I understand, they actually build her immune system.
I encourage my daughter to climb higher on the rope climb at the playground and feel proud not scared. And, no my two-year-old is not accepted and enrolled at the town’s top private school for pre-k.
I have panic attacks about living in a house in a sub-division that looks like a replica of every other house. I love living walking distance to cafes, book stores, library and groceries. I live with the father of my child and live a married life, sans legal documents from the state of Florida. I work, love my job, love to write and love to dance. I take dance classes, and also participate in some of the greatest living room dance parties you’ll ever witness. My dance partners, daddy and baby, are training for a future career on dancing with the stars. I sometimes dance alone, but that’s a secret.
A park with a huge lake serves as my child’s backyard. Which, I believe is the best kind of backyard. There’s an amazing playground, lots of swans and turtles, a great walking path and the best part is that someone else is responsible for landscaping. (Coming from a beautiful rural area in Pennsylvania leaves me with no desire for a rural FL backyard. Rural FL just doesn’t do it for me, but I’m bias. Can I declare the beach as rural FL? I shall… Moving on… )
Amongst these things, and many others, that “normal” people might feel I’m “not doing right,” there are a lot of amazing things I have shared and plan to share with my daughter. She is the focal point of my life. I have so much fun watching her discover new things and learn about the world. It is my mission to encourage her to accept everyone for who they are and what they believe… to truly appreciate nature and our environment… to not be afraid of taking a big leap, to try new things, learn to love living healthy and to take her out from in front of a droning TV and into a real world of living and first-hand experience.
I could go on, and on, and on, but I won’t. I will save my rambling for future entries. My hopes for this blog are mostly to share experiences, entertain and perhaps provide and swap parenting and lifestyle tips with other people, traditional and non-traditional all the same… This blog does not discriminate. Can’t wait to have you as an avid reader of my tell-all, unedited mommy blog. (That last sentence was sexy and provocative, right?)
Now, on with the show…
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